UpMentum UpDates (April Edition)

Hello UpMentum Network!

Whether you are a current client, potential client, SME, friend, or simply a fan, we thank you for your continued support! We wanted to notify you of a few changes, news, and reminders to keep you up to date on all things UpMentum! Here we go….

Email Migration
UpMentum recently went through a large email migration as it appears our prior email host was being picked up by a number of spam filters. We have since moved to Google for email support so this should no longer be an issue. Please do double check that no UpMentum emails have accidentally found their way to your spam folders!

Recent Publications
We are continuing to post relevant thoughts and lessons learned on our UpMentum Blog, including the following two most recent posts you may find interesting. Give them a read and let us know what you think!
– Scope Creep: The Startup Killer.
– A Business Plan: That Thing You Should Have, But Don’t.

Referral Offers
As a member of our network, in any capacity, you are eligible to receive referral fees for any clients sent our way. If you’ve got friends, family, colleagues, or anyone thinking of starting a business, or needing a bit of help along the way, send them to us, and receive a healthy referral fee! Contact us for more details,

Thanks to each of you for being involved in UpMentum, whatever the capacity. It’s people and organizations like yours that make us great, and we look forward to continuing to build a relationship with each and every one of you.

Evan and Cale,
Principals, UpMentum Business Consulting