UpMentum is offering FREE consulting to 3 Day Startup students.

UpMentum helps entrepreneurs, early, and growth stage companies develop the strategies, skills, and vision they need to be an ultimate success. We are devoted to helping businesses like yours grow, and realize that cost can be a barrier to entry for us all… Given that, we have paired with the 3 Day Startup to offer companies like yours the opportunity to work with us at no charge through our initial consulting engagement program. If you think we’re great (and we hope you do!) then we’d love to keep working with you. If not, we’re just happy we could help!

Interested? Let us know by filling out the application below.

Get the most out of your free consultation!

A lot can be accomplished in an hour! Be prepared to concisely describe your business or idea and be ready with some questions for the UpMentum partners.